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Sustainable transport

In my vision for Dublin, everyone — young and old — can move around easily and efficiently on public transport and by walking and cycling. We have made big leaps in recent years in prioritising funding and roadspace for sustainable transport. This has resulted in more pedestrianised streets, safe cycle routes and improvements to public transport but we’re not there yet. I will continue to advocate for investment in sustainable transport to decrease pollution and congestion and build a safer, healthier and greener city.

Affordable housing

I believe that housing is a right and not a commodity. We need to tackle vacancy and dereliction and have public investment in sustainable housing to meet our housing needs and resolve Dublin’s housing crisis. We also need stronger renter’s rights and increased enforcement of existing regulations to protect tenants.


I’m proud of the societal change we’ve achieved in recent years. However, we still have a lot to do and we certainly can’t take any of it for granted. Like most people, I’m also worried about the escalation in threatening behaviour towards members of minority communities. I will stand up against intolerance and discrimination and work to build a fairer city with equality and respect at its heart.