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New measures to tackle litter and dumping in Dublin

One of the main issues that’s often raised with me is illegal dumping. It’s a blight on our streets and has been getting worse in recent years. Here are two things that happened in February 2024 that will help us tackle this:

  1. Councils can now use CCTV to police dumping blackspots
    • For years, councils could not tackle illegal dumping with CCTV. After the introduction of GDPR, people succesfully argued that the use of CCTV by councils breached their privacy. Last week, new regulations were put in place to give councils legal basis to use CCTV to deter and prosecute people who dump their waste when their use is deemed necessary and proportionate. I am hoping that Dublin City Council will get this up and running later this year.
  2. The new deposit return scheme will penalise people who don’t recycle properly

Both of these measures were introduced by my Green Party colleague Minister Ossian Smyth.