Ashtown · Cabra · Drumcondra · Glasnevin · Phibsborough

Donate to my campaign

Running for office is a huge financial burden — especially for a full-time student. I estimate that it will cost me up to €5,000. Most campaigns are usually financed by donations from friends and family. I have no extended family living in Ireland who can legally donate and most of my friends are also broke students. If you believe in what I do, I would really appreciate it if you could help out in any way you can. The money will mostly be spent on:

  • Leaflets, letters and online ads to reach out to people to introduce myself and increase voter registration
  • Postage costs for apartments that can’t be canvassed in-person
  • Posters during election time

All residents can vote in local elections but voter participation tends to be low. With your support, I can get the resources I need to get elected to Dublin City Council. I want to reach every single person in Ashtown, Cabra, Drumcondra, Glasnevin & Phibsborough and make sure that every adult is registered and shows up to vote for a young and progressive voice for Dublin.

Important laws around political donations:

  • I can only accept donations from Irish residents or Irish citizens living abroad.
  • I cannot accept more than €1,000 from the same person in a calendar year
  • I cannot accept an anonymous donation of more than €100. GoFundMe donations aren’t anonymous, I can see all the names but I will be in touch for your address for donations over €100.

By donating, you confirm that you are an Irish resident or an Irish citizen living abroad and that you have not exceeded the maximum permissible donation of €2,500 to the Green Party this year. If I’m unsure, I may have to get in touch with you or return the donation.

Here’s my GoFundMe!