Ashtown · Cabra · Drumcondra · Glasnevin · Phibsborough

Some personal news..

In news that will surprise nobody, I’ve decided to run for Dublin City Council (Cabra-Glasnevin) in 2024. After years of trying to affect change from the outside, I believe that Dublin City Council needs more people with a vision and passion for the future of the city. It’s not a decision I’ve taken lightly and it’s not going to be easy but I believe it’s the right decision. Working with my colleagues Neasa Hourigan TD, Minister Roderic O’Gorman, Cllr. Janet Horner and Cllr. Darcy Lonergan, I believe I can help to build a greener, cleaner, fairer and happier Dublin.

What is Cabra-Glasnevin? It’s the biggest ward in Dublin City — taking in much of the northside. It includes Ashtown, the Phoenix Park, Cabra, Glasnevin, Phibsborough, Broadstone, Drumcondra. It’s one of the most diverse and vibrant areas of the city and it’s where I grew up. Here’s a little bit about the area:

  • Over 62,000 people living in the area
  • 24% of people were born outside Ireland
  • 30% of the homes are apartments
  • 35% of households don’t own cars
  • 60% of people get to work, school or college using bus, tram, train, bike or on foot
How can I help?

The best ways you could help me right now is by donating to my GoFundMe or supporting me in canvassing (trust me, it’s fun!) or delivering leaflets. Unfortunately, running for office is a huge financial burden and requires a lot of volunteers. With your support, I can get the resources I need to get elected to Dublin City Council. I want to reach every single person in Ashtown, Cabra, Drumcondra, Glasnevin & Phibsborough and make sure that every adult is registered and shows up to vote for a young and progressive voice for Dublin.

How else can I help?

There are loads of other ways to help. You could make sure you’re following me across Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. It would boost my social media presence and help me reach more people. You could also ask your family and friends to vote vote for me next year! Know someone who’s passionate about the same issues I am? Tell them I’m running!