Ashtown · Cabra · Drumcondra · Glasnevin · Phibsborough

About me

I’m Feljin and I’m the Green candidate for the Cabra-Glasnevin ward in the 2024 Dublin City Council election. I moved to Phibsborough from India at the age of 9. I went to school in St. Vincent’s in Glasnevin, studied astrophysics in DCU and am currently doing a PhD in renewable hydrogen generation in DCU.

I’ve devoted most of my adult life to environmental advocacy. I’m currently the chairperson of Dublin Commuter Coalition — a group which I’ve worked tirelessly with for over four years to improve and promote public transport, active travel and public spaces in Dublin. My advocacy work has given me experience in dealing with every level of local and national government — from councils and state agencies to TDs and Ministers — and convincing them to make hard choices for a sustainable, competitive and vibrant city.

I feel the change everytime I tap my half-price Leap Card or enjoy calmer routes on the Quays, Capel Street, and Griffith Avenue. But I’ve also experienced the escalation in threatening behaviour towards members of minority communities. There are few people who look like me in politics, at any level, but I’m a candidate that can genuinely represent one of the most diverse LEAs in the country.

I know how to navigate the labyrinthine workings of Dublin City Council. I understand how progress is hampered by siloed departments and the competing interests of national agencies. The strength of the Green cohort on the council is our range of expertise and our clear agenda–this is why I joined the party. The Greens understand how little time we have to build a climate resilient city.