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24hr bus for Glasnevin and Phibsboro – BusConnects E-spine

The National Transport Authority has confirmed to me that both Glasnevin and Phibsborough will get two 24hr bus services later this year. It will coincide with the launch of the BusConnects E-spine and the N2 orbital in September of this year.

Both the No. 4 and the No. 155 bus will be replaced by the E1 and E2 buses. The E1 will operate from Northwood through Ballymun, Glasnevin and Phibsborough to the city centre and onwards to Bray. The E2 will operate from IKEA, through Balbutcher Lane, Ballymun, Glasnevin and Phibsborough onwards to Dún Laoghaire. Both of these services are planned to be 24hrs.

Changes to the No. 11 route

I know there has been some concern in the Home Farm Road area about changes to the No. 11 route that was going to result in a reduction in frequency. The No. 11 bus currently operates every 30 minutes throughout the day and every 15 minutes at peak times. It was announced in 2020 that this service was to be replaced by the new No. 19 route which was to operate once every hour. I have engaged with many residents and bus users in the area who were concerned about this change. Following my discussions with service providers I believe that the new proposal is a significant step forward.

  • The new 19 bus will now operate every 20 minutes throughout the day and every 10 minutes during peak times as opposed to the initial proposal of every 60 minutes.
  • The new 19 bus will also provide a direct service to Dublin Airport via Ballymun Road.

This increased frequency route, along with N2 orbital bus outlined below and the northern section of the E2 bus will replace the No. 13 bus.

N2 orbital bus on Griffith Avenue

The new N2 orbital bus will also be launched in September. This route will connect Clontarf Road station, Griffith Avenue, Broombridge station, Phoenix Park and Heuston station along with all major bus corridors in between.

Finglas Road F-spine

The NTA also confirmed that 24hr buses will be launched on Finglas Road in Q1 2025. This will coincide with the launch of the BusConnects F-spine which will change the 40 and the 140 to the F1, F2 and F3 routes.