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Public transport, walking and cycling — My DubInq Voter Guide answers

I’m sharing my responses from the Dublin Inquirer Voter Guide here on my website under different themes.

What needs to be done to improve public transport in the city?

What should be done to make it nicer and safer for people to get around the city on foot and by bike?

In my vision for Dublin, everyone — young and old — can move around easily and efficiently on public transport and by walking and cycling. There are many elected representatives who support this vision in principle and quote ambitious party policies but fail to show leadership when it comes to implementing the measures needed to deliver it — supporting MetroLink but not the alignment, supporting faster buses but not bus lanes, supporting cycling but not cycle lanes. Just this month, we’ve seen councillors who called for more bus routes objecting to new bus stops.

I got involved in politics through years of advocating for better public transport, walking and cycling facilities and greener public spaces for Dublin city. Over the years, I’ve learned the minute details about all the major transport projects in the area and have been involved in stakeholder engagement for all of them.

Over the next decade, this area will be transformed through an unprecedented level of investment in public transport, walking and cycling. The scale and number of projects planned in this area is more than any other part of Dublin. New DART stations are planned for Cabra and Cross Guns along with electrification and higher frequencies at Ashtown, Pelletstown, Broombridge and Drumcondra. MetroLink will connect the city centre with Berkeley Street, Cross Guns, Mobhi Road and beyond. BusConnects will deliver faster buses and safer cycling infrastructure along the Drumcondra Road, Mobhi Road, Botanic Road, Finglas Road and Navan Road and Dublin City Council’s Active Travel Network will deliver better walking and cycling facilities on the Royal Canal, North Circular Road, Cabra Road and Ratoath Road.

Only one party has shown unwavering commitment to and delivered on improving public transport and walking and cycling across all its elected representatives. To sustain the momentum on improving public transport, pedestrianisation, cycle lanes, better footpaths, zebra crossings, speed limits, greener public spaces etc. we need to ensure there’s a Green councillor in every area. I will continue to advocate for sustainable transport to decrease pollution and congestion and build a safer, healthier and greener city.